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Today, the world has entered the area of IoT. Not only mobile phones but also automobiles, home appliances, and houses can be connected to the Internet. However, currently, most of the solutions are device centered. We believe that in the near future, everything will be human-centered.

For example, when we come home from work, some sort of smart solution can detect that we may want to watch a movie. So, the system will automatically set up the environment for you to watch a movie. All you have to do is sit there and pick the movie you want to watch. And this is human-centered proactive service.

In this hackathon, we would like to ask you to use your skills to create a project that can deliver human-centered service experiences in the following use cases: home, office, and travel. A package of OPPO ColorOS SDK will be provided to you for reference.


In search for revolutionary solutions
integrated with Ubiquitous Services 

Utilize sensor information, system information, system data, user data, etc., of different terminals or multiple terminals for situational awareness to improve perception accuracy, develop user intent models, and provide users with services they require.

Ubiquitous service allows commissioning across devices and terminals. With cross-end
screen display, device invocation, device control, collaborative operation, voice
interaction, gesture interaction, AI algorithm capabilities, graphics and image
capabilities, etc., users can achieve a user-friendly experience of the service in the most
appropriate form and interactive way

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